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It is your chance to feel and be treated like an Elite. Join the Elite Strata Club now and experience what it is to be an Aristocrat!

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All you have to do to become an Elite Strata Club member or an Elitestratian is to drop in your mail id here in the box.

Profile Review

The Elite Strata Club has a professional team that is dedicated to reviewing the profiles which apply for membership. We will review your overall profile and get back to you if you qualify to become our esteemed member.

Enjoy Being an Elitestratian

If your application is approved then you will get the opportunity to become an Elitestratian. We have options of annual and lifetime memberships.

Dining Facilities

The Elite Strata Club is a home to decorated private dining rooms which include luxury dining spaces serving stylish, world class, fine dining options from all around the world. These dining spaces are specifically designed for hosting special get-togethers, family gatherings, business meetings and we even have a club bar where we have the best wine in town!

Health Club & Gymnasium

All the Elite Strata Club members get exclusive access to our health club and gymnasium where we have the latest technology equipment and gears to keep you fit and healthy. We champion the belief of fine living and have a holistic approach to adapt lifestyles. Once you become our club member we guide you through to live a better life in every manner.

Lifestyle Lounge

Now all our The Elite Strata Club members will be able to spend their time in the lavishly designed and sprawling lifestyle lounges where you can dance the night away or simply sit for a cozy chat with your friends in the lounge and rejuvenate yourself.

What people are saying...

Anirban Bannerjee

Me and my wife have been coming to the Elite Strata since we were dating and we enjoy our time here a lot. When we used to date and even now we hang out with friends in Kaleidoscope which is the pub and discotheque of the club. When we bring our daughter then we prefer to just have a nice cosy dinner where she can enjoy world class meals but in a safe and beautiful atmosphere

Fred S.

Meeting a fitness freak and a holistic lifestyle person, the Elite Strata Club understands my preferences perfectly and gives me a place where I can not only work out but also do a lot of holistic lifestyle activities like meditation, swimming etcetera that helps me evolve as a person everyday. This is surely the best club in town with ample amenities and facilities to get you going for life.

Qaboos Ali

The elite Fitness Club has the best food in town hands down and it also has a bar which caters to all my business and family function requirements whenever I need it. Having a club like this in your life makes things so much simpler. I practice tennis in here, swim in the weekends and also go to the salon whenever I need a quick makeover. I love it here!

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